the silver guide to non-monetary transactions


Project direction: Anne Bertrand

Guide development: Sophie Houle, CPA

Consultation for the English version of the guide: Julia Gaunt-Rannala, CPA (Young Associates)

Project management: Anne Bertrand, Pierre Beaudoin

Digital platform development: Corina MacDonald, Antonia Hernandez, Evan Savage - MAT3RIAL

Copyediting: Edwin Janzen

Translation: Jo-Anne Balcaen, Isabelle Lamarre

Advisory committee: Linda Gorrie, Business Manager, grunt, and Operations Controller, VIFF, Vancouver; Emma Hendrix, Executive Director, VideoPool, and artist, Winnipeg; Dana Kletke, Co-Executive Director, Mentoring Artists for Women’s Art (MAWA), Winnipeg; Debbie Keeper, Administrative Assistant, Urban Shaman, Winnipeg; Tam-Ca Vo-Van, Director, SAW Gallery, Ottawa; Yuraś Mourog, Administrative Director, OBORO, Montreal; Emmanuel Madan, National Director, Independent Media Arts Alliance (IMAA).

Special thanks to project partner Emmanuel Madan of IMAA; Julie Picard, artist/accountant for her input at the outset of the project; Dana Kletke of MAWA and Claudine Roger of VOX for their generous donation of documents; and Chantale Beaudoin, of the Association de parents de l’enfance en difficulté, for her input on developing procedures.

This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada.